Human Resources Assessment & Testing

Why Do We Test & How Do We Choose?

Human Resources Assessment & Testing


We have free working position – Who is the best to promote? How to choose those that best fit the profile?


When we want to assess if the employee is qualified for the position, i.e., a description of the work corresponds to the position?


When an employee does not give his maximum – what else do I need to develop/refine how he/she would be a better employee? Do they need additional education?


If a manager doesn’t take advantage of his employees potentials or has an inappropriate leadership style – what does he need to do in order to be a better Manager?


When it is necessary to make an organization restructuring, with the purpose of better adjustment of working positions to the capabilities of the employees (the promotion of individuals or eventual lay-offs?)


Determination of how the employee is qualified for the position and how to use his/her potential, greatly contributes to improving the working of the organization.

What the company gets with this assessment?

Finds out the potential employees own


Finds out how many potentials are used


Finds out how many potentials are not used


Gets advice on how to lead and motivate employees


Finds out what is the compatibility with employees working position


The possibility that, in accordance with the results, achieve short-term and long-term improvements

For future employee it is very stimulating to know which potential he/she owns and can use in a new work environment.

What does the employee gain from the estimate?

They find out what potential they have

They find out how much of their potential is used

They learn how much potential they have, but do not utilize

Compatibility with their working position (current and future)

There is an opportunity for a confidential talk with a psychologist about their problems, doubts, fears and so on.

Since the employer is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, he can openly and without fear talk about them, and use the knowledge in future cooperation with colleagues and superiors.

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