Coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results.“

– International Coaching Federation

In this interactive process, the coach establishes an interactive relationship with the client. By active leading, the coach improves the client’s skills and “pulls out” his best.

The coach and the client set the goal (the desired result) and the coach leads the client towards achieving that goal. With an accurate set of questions, the client is always directed towards his goal, and his coach provides support the whole time.

The coach is responsible for:


Discovering, clarifying and agreeing on what the client wants to achieve

Encouraging the client for self-discovery

Maintaining the client’s responsibility for achieving his goals

Benefits for client:


Achieving the greatest possible results

Revealing all of his/her potential

Creativity development

Clearly setting goals

Achieving balance


Also, the client should be:


Dedicated, open, persistent, curious

Actively listen and learn during all processes

Actively participate in building a relationship with the coach

Open and responsible to himself and to his goals

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